Pitches for IFC

Here are four pitches: Street Views, Walking, Killer Obituaries, and And the Nominees Are….

street views thumb.jpg

Pitch 1: Street Views (for Comedy Crib)

Street Views is an anthology series that finds moments about the blurry-faced people living in Google Maps Street View and turns them into animated stories.

This is based on a short I made that got final selection at the Moet Moment Film Festival. Here’s a visual sizzle from that short:


Pitch 2: Walking (for Comedy Crib)

This is a series of conversations between my friend Brooks Allison and myself. Each episode is an uncut, continuous take where we just walk around.

For Comedy Crib, we’d like to make them somewhat longer (4-7 minutes) and do slightly more complicated things (staging a walk through a big party, starring people other than ourselves, hiking).

Here are some of my favorites:


Pitch 3: Killer Obituaries (for Comedy Crib or IFC)

Tagline: "Plotting Death"

This dark comedy series follows a New York Times obituaries writer, Elliot, who is told he needs to write one really amazing obit that makes people sit up and take notice, in order to get a promotion to be a real reporter, which is his lifelong dream. Ambition and creativity gives Elliot an idea: he’ll try to interview a brink-of-death Amy Winehouse-type while she’s still alive, so he can use real quotes from her throughout her obituary.

Elliot befriends the Amy Winehouse-type, and eventually attempts to push her towards death by bringing more drugs into her life.

The series (think Dexter and Search Party) would follow Elliot as he literally plots deaths to write obituaries and achieve literary success.

Killer Obituaries would be co-written by journalist/editor Esther Haynes, who for Vanity Fair covered the story of (and eventually befriended) club kid killer, Michael Alig, subject of the film Party Monster.


Pitch 4: And the Nominees Are… (for Comedy Crib or IFC)

Alternate name: The Nominees

This mockumentary series profiles the inflated egos of awards nominees as they are interviewed in a tribute to their work leading up to the big award show.

Each season would focus on a different set of nominees: Nominees for the 2004 Best Director at the Tony’s, finalists for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction, nominees for Best Actress at the 1994 Oscar’s, etc. And season each will be ~5 episodes, with each episode focusing on a different nominee. The 6th episode could be the awards banquet where the characters meet.

The first season would focus on the Shorty Awards’s Vlogger of the Year. For the vloggers, we could focus on these people (or versions of them).

  • Piediepie: Swedish bro gamer, known as the “emperor" of the internet, whose anti-PC ‘humor’ has somehow given him more than 54 million subscribers
  • Monica Church: a beauty vlogger who somehow got nominated over her twin sister Shelby, who also has a beauty channel and 1 million subscribes
  • Jake Paul: a former Vine star, Disney Channel-er, who provokes public nuisance lawsuits with his “pranks”
  • Rosanna Pansino: the host of the popular YouTube cooking show Nerdy Nummies
  • Casey Neistat: the “renegade” daily vlogger, filmmaker, and entrepeneur. If Tony Robbins started on YouTube and loved drone shots
Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 10.18.15 PM.png

The characters would either be actors playing celebrated figures (like James Van Der Beek doing Diplo in What Would Diplo Do?) or actors playing send-ups of real people (like Andy Samberg doing Justin Bieber in Pop Star).

Note: someone actually made a concept sizzle for this, but a sincere version. I think the show would be similar to this, except fake.