Upcoming Shows


Art School at Friends & Lovers

Saturday May 12

Art School is a free multi-disciplinary comedy exhibition featuring genre-pushing standup, sketch, music, and more from the art world's greatest contemporary comics. Hosted in Brooklyn at Friends & Lovers by Tim Barnes (HBO), Jordan Mendoza (Drunk Science), and Joanna Solotaroff (Why Oh Why, UnFictional)). This show will make you say, "Is it comedy though?" and "Oppressive but, like, in the best way" and "Hmm."

Lineup TBD!


Cage Match at UCB Chelsea

jordymartybrooks (Jordan Mendoza, Marty Scanlon, Brooks Allison) will be performing improv/competing at Cage Match at UCB Chelsea.

They won 3 rounds at Indie Cage Match at UCB East to qualify. Please come watch and vote for them on November 9th.

Tickets available soon here: