Jordan Mendoza is an Asian-American writer, comedian, and filmmaker from Boston. He works in NYC at Comedy Central’s Creators Program where he writes, stars, and produces his original short-form series Apologies—in which each episode he plays a villain YouTuber apologizing for a previous video he had to delete. He recently was selected for the Made in NY Writers Room for his half-hour pilot Tidying, a dramedy about a Marie Condo-esque organizational consultant who—suffering from an illness that makes her believe objects have feelings—falls in love with a client and his lamp.

He co-hosts Art School at Union Hall and Drunk Science at Littlefield (ft. The New York Times, Vulture, Gothamist, truTV Comedy Breakout Initiative). Time Out named him a "Rising New York comedian primed to break big.” He is an NYTVF Development Deal recipient with Audible. Recently he appeared as a guest on Radiolab, was tweeted at by The Rock, and became active on TikTok, a social media platform for teenagers.

Management: Brandon Stein & Cait Taylor at Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

some shows:

some vids:

a sketch from the series DUMB video featuring Jo Firestone

My Parents Watch Crazy Stupid Love  (2013)

My Parents Watch Crazy Stupid Love (2013)

an episode from Brooks + Jordy's series Walking called "Xanax" ft. Maggie Widdoes